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Little Genius International students and their parents recently took part in a Saturday Fablab  Workshop held at our school. The students undertook different activities with our teachers, such as: Coding games, 3D printer design, PC vehicle programming and Drone controlling , whilst parents engaged in a lecture regarding "Lavori del futuro: dall'intelligenza artificiale al service design e policy" by Mr. Nicola Christian Rinaldi, one of our school directors.  The students learned that Coding is a basic language of the digital age and gaming systems, tablets, cars, cell phones - even washing machines-  all use Coding to function properly. Giving the right piece of information is essential if we want things to work according to our needs and through class and  garden activities our students applied teamwork to understand how Coding works. Both students and parents had a great time working as a team.

#Genius #Fablab #teamwork